We are no longer providing our services on idobata.io. See the blog article about the closing: Idobata クローズド化のお知らせ

Dedicated chat for team development

Idobata makes software development fun

  • By developers for developers
  • Lightweight, familiar UI inspired by IRC
  • Integrates with the tools that you use

Free forever


There are tons of reasons to use Idobata.

ORGANIZATION One account, multiple teams

Idobota lets you create Organizations, different groupings of chat rooms.

You can give your members access to all rooms in your Organization, or limit them to specific ones.

You can invite Idobata users who aren't members of your Organization as guests. Again, you can limit that guest's access to rooms you choose.

The Timeline view lets you view all rooms across your Organization.

Integration Support for more than 20 developer tools

Idobata's Webhooks are easily set up notifications that plug into other development tools.

Idobata provides well-designed notification messages for popular services like GitHub.

You can customize which Webhooks are used for each project you work on. (idobata-hooks)

Plus you can create Custom Webhooks for your own use.

Bot Use bots to customize your room

Idobata supports Hubot, so you create and set up bots to do almost anything with your rooms, and then activate them simply by asking them in chat.

You ask your bot to translate messages or attachments, check the weather, keep a count, or even work with you smart appliances.


You can run Idobata anywhere.

Details of on-premises edition

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We always appreciate hearing from you!